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About me

Ramindri Group

Established in 2007, Ramindri Group has emerged as one of the top real estate developers and builders in Northeast India. The group is a pioneering leader in the industry and has defined new benchmarks for customer satisfaction and construction quality through its world-class designs, latest technology and operational process of complete transparency.

With 100% customer satisfaction and dozens of awards and accolades under the name, the group has become synonymous with trust, quality and perfection.

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Chairman’s Profile

Jitesh Kumar Yadav is the Chairman of Ramindri Group of Companies.  Mr. Yadav is widely recognized for his path-breaking and visionary contributions to the building of today’s Northeast India. Through his pioneering role as a real estate developer and corporate leader, he has transformed the urban landscape of the country by setting new standards in the housing and urban development scenario. He, along with his dedicated team, has created world-class infrastructure to attract foreign and domestic investment inflows, generating new employment opportunities and changing lifestyles.

Mr Yadav has been a firm believer in corporate intervention in social upliftment. He has gladly conducted numerous CSR and philanthropic activities that helped 1000s of students/participants – children and adults. He also arranges regular educational and personality development programmes for employees and construction workers with an aim to improve the living standards.

To provide proven, innovative and respectful real estate service with specialization in buying and selling of properties and homes (new and resale).

To be the best real estate firm in India

To leave a legacy of expertise, integrity and ethics


• Better prices than our competitors
• Speedy reply between 9 am and 11 pm – Monday through Sunday
• Guaranteed Quality (Satisfaction first – payment later)
• After-sale services/relation

God, Ethics, Family, Friends and Business

One day, in retrospect, the years of your hard work and struggle shall shine through your beautiful property.”-Sigmund Freud